Changes since Release 1.0

Release 9.0.1a

  • Improved the checking for Notes Program path when 32 bit Notes is installed on a 64-bit Windows environment
  • Improved the logging of ANTRID events


Release 9.0.1

  • Removed the nag screen to provide ANTRID for free
  • Now works with Notes Release 9 (tested with 9.0.1 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1)
  • Allows the manual entry of the Notes program and data directories (yay!)
  • Provides an option to log ANTRID activity.
  • Changed icons to the newer "blue" style

Release 8.5.1:

Fixed a regression problem where Domino Servers couldn't run ANTRID. ANTRID can now be installed and run on a Domino server.

Fixed the problem "Error with ANTRID Registry settings".

Supports Windows VIsta and Windows 7 without having to run as Administrator.

Fixed a problem in registered version where the Menus were incorrect after registering.

Release 8.50 (not widely released):

Fixed a problem with and error caused by duplicate filenames being returned.

Tested with Notes 8.5.1 and Window 7

Included a debug mode (normally off) for additional error tracking.

With ANTRID 8.5, I used a different package and distribution product called "Inno".  This creates simpler distribution packages, and also creates an "EXE", making the installation process much simpler.  Search Google for "Inno" if you are interested in using it to package your own software.

Release 8.00:

Updated to support Lotus Notes Release 8.

Release 7.02:

Fixed an issue which caused problem selecting the correct version of Lotus Notes on machines where multiple versions of Notes are installed.

Inserted a new error message which will appear instead of a system generated error (Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call of argument)

Release 7.01:

Fixed a problem where multiple databases are sometimes assigned the same Replica ID when doing a multiple database change. This was due to a timing problem.

Release 7.00:

Updated to support Lotus Notes Release 7.

Release 6.03:

Fixed some confusion behaviour around the “Open Server” button in the database open dialog box. Clicking on the “Open Server” dialog box now opens the server which has been typed into the server name box. If that box is empty, then the server currently selected in the tree will be opened. If no server has been entered, or no server is selected in the tree, then nothing happens.

Release 6.02:

Added the ability to be able to sort the database list by title.

Release 6.01:

Cosmetic Changes.

Release 6.00:

This is a major release for ANTRID. For the first time, this software is released as shareware, with an asking price of US$25. Why? Because it’s a lot of work to maintain (believe it or not!), and if users bother to register, then there’s an incentive to keep on enhancing the software. Oh yeah – sorry about the nag screen, but it was either that, or disable some of the software.

While the user interface hasn’t changed all that much, the functionality has been greatly enhanced. The key enhancements are:

  • An additional function has been added “Type in a Replica ID”. I deliberated over this one – because it may be potentially dangerous. What swayed me was that there were more people asking for it via the Notes.Net forums than there were that hought it would be a bad thing. So – here it is. Use it wisely! Screw ups are on yours alone (perhaps you should re-read the licence agreement at this point?)
  • I’ve added the ability to be able to key in a server name. Yippee!
  • You can now copy the new Replica ID to the clipboard.
  • Undo feature to change the Replica ID back to the way it was

There are a few bug fixes – mostly minor, but every bit helps!

Release 3.00:

This release fixes two things in the “Multiple Database” area of Antrid:

  • Antrid no longer crashes if a database is not selected when the Add” button is clicked; and
  • A one second delay has been incorporated between the generation of multiple Replica IDs between multiple databases. This is because the Replica ID is based on a date time string, and the machines have gotten so fast that multiple databases can be changed within one second, leading to the same replica ID. (Thanks to Damien Marshall at Coordimax in Australia for the feedback).

Oh yeah – I finally changed that silly confirmation dialog box. What was I thinking when I wrote that?

Release 2.11:

This release fixes a small bug very annoying bug where an error appears after selecting a second server in the Multiple Databases screen. Thanks to Michael Dyson at HP, Australia, for alerting me to this one, and providing further information.

I also fixed a minor fault in the Multiple Database screen where databases are shown without an ACL or Replica ID when the user has no access to the database. The screen now shows “No Access” for the ACL, and “Not Available” for the Replica ID.

Release 2.10:

This release includes the ability to all setting of multiple database or template Replica IDs at once. There are also a couple of minor bug fixes:

1.Fixed a bug where an error is generated when attempting to select a database or template which does not have a title. Thanks to Brian Jørgensen at DataPro in Denmark for alerting me to this, and providing further information.

2.Fixed a bug which sometimes prevents selection of anything more than one directory level deep.

3.Fixed a bug where the status messages were not refreshed correctly.

Release 2.03:

This release fixes a major annoyance which has been present since Release 1.0 - the fact that the Notes Program directory needed to be in the path. In Release 2.03, on startup ANTRID goes to the registry of your machine and tries to locate the Notes program directory - this eliminates the need to have the Program Directory in the path. If you have both Notes 5 and Notes 4.x installed, you will be prompted for the version of Notes you wish to work with.

Also included in this release is a “Browse” button on the Open Database Dialog box, so that you can move anywhere on your hard drive to locate databases. Previously, you could only move through subdirectories of the Notes Data directory.

Release 2.02:

This release now includes templates in the database list, so that replica IDs can be assigned to templates. This prevents servers from attempting to replicate templates.

Release 2.02 has also been tested with a pre-release of Notes Release 5 (build 166). As far as I can tell, it works! More extensive testing will be carried out when R5 is released.

Release 2.01:

This release was a recompiled release (which used a different version of one of the Microsoft system files) to run properly on Windows 95.

Release 2.0:

This release of ANTRID now allows databases on Domino servers to be accessed. Naturally, all the correct ACLs are followed, so you will need Manager access to the Destination Database to be able to manipulate the Replica ID.

To allow access to servers, I’ve added a database open dialog box which provides a tree structure of servers.

Double clicking on the server name or icon will expand the tree and display the databases available on the server. A folder icon represents a directory and double clicking the folder will expand the tree and display any further directories and databases within that directory.

That’s basically it. I hope you like it!

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